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Non thermal plasmas: newly-developed, multifaceted and complementary tool for cell permeabilization

Robert Eric , Vinodini Vijayarangan , Augusto Stancampiano , Sébastien Dozias , Claire Douat et al.
3rd Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine, Food and Environmental Technologies, ISEBTT International Society for Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments, Sep 2019, Toulouse, France
Conference papers hal-02960424v1

Study of adherent cell permeabilization in various Plasma Gun plasma delivery protocols

Vinodini Vijayarangan , Anthony Delalande , Dozias Sébastien , Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Chantal Pichon et al.
15th International Bioelectrics Symposium, Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Sep 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
Conference papers hal-02933738v1

Cold Atmospheric Plasma for safe and tolerable tissue treatment

Azadeh Valinataj Omran , Giovanni Busco , Loick Ridou , Sebastien Dozias , Fabienne Fasani et al.
International Meeting in Plasma Cosmetic Sciences, Nov 2019, Orléans, France
Conference papers hal-03022554v1

Study of Chemico-Physical Properties of a He Plasma Gun in the Context of Skin Physioxia for Cosmetical Applications

Giovanni Busco , Fabienne Fasani , Claire Douat , Sebastien Dozias , Jean-Michel M Pouvesle et al.
6th International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM-6), Sep 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia
Conference papers hal-01620850v1

Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasmas for cancer treatment: Status, issues, and challenges

Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Robert Eric
COPSA 2018, Ghent University, Nov 2018, Ypres, Belgium
Conference papers hal-02933759v1

Plasma jets in contact with liquids: vortex and fast flows

A Stancampiano , S Dozias , Jean-Michel Pouvesle , P Escot Bocanegra , Robert Eric et al.
3rd Journées Jeunes Chercheurs, Universités CVL, Mar 2021, Orléans, Tours, France
Conference papers hal-03351897v1

Action multimodales des plasmas atmosphériques dans les applications biomédicales : problèmes et challenges

Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Robert Eric
Journées du GDR ABioPlas, GDR ABioPlas, Oct 2017, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-01945990v1

Unaccounted bias in plasma in vitro experiments and the translation to in vivo: key issues and challenges

Augusto Stancampiano , T-H Chung , Kyriakos Sklias , Azadeh Valinattaj Omran , Francesco Tampieri et al.
8th International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM8), International Society of Plasma Medicine, Kwangwoon University, Aug 2021, Incheon, South Korea
Conference papers hal-03351810v1

On the use of complementary diagnostics for plasma jet delivery on targets relevant for biomedical applications

Robert Eric , Thibault Darny , Delphine Riès , Jean-Michel Pouvesle
International Workshop on Diagnostics of Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas, IUPAP, Jul 2019, Sapporo, Japan
Conference papers hal-03066425v1

Cold atmospheric single plasma jet for RONS delivery on large biological surfaces

Azadeh Valinataj Omran , Giovanni Busco , Loick Ridou , Dozias Sébastien , Catherine Grillon et al.
30th annual meeting of MRS-J (2020), International Symposium K Plasma Lifescience, Dec 2020, Virtual, France
Conference papers hal-03394859v1
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Cold atmospheric single plasma jet for RONS delivery on large biological surfaces

Azadeh Valinataj Omran , Giovanni Busco , Loïck Ridou , Sébastien Dozias , Catherine Grillon et al.
Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 2020, 29 (10), pp.105002. ⟨10.1088/1361-6595/abaffd⟩
Journal articles hal-02967087v1
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Plasma and Aerosols: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives

Augusto Stancampiano , Tommaso Gallingani , Matteo Gherardi , Zdenko Machala , Paul J. Maguire et al.
Applied Sciences, 2019, 9 (18), pp.3861. ⟨10.3390/app9183861⟩
Journal articles hal-02400214v1
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Plasma medicine: issues and challenges linked to the plasma/biological target interactions

Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Robert Eric
24th International Symposium on plasma chemistry (ISPC24), International Plasma Chemistry Society, Jun 2019, Naples, Italy
Conference papers hal-02959327v1

Direct and indirect atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatments for agriculture: evaluation of plasma component effects and RONS production

Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Audoin Hamon , Claire Douat , Sébastien Dozias , Robert Eric et al.
CIMAE2019/1st CISAPTIF, China Agricultural University, Apr 2019, Pékin, China
Conference papers hal-02959229v1
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Interaction of plasma generated carbon monoxide (CO) with mouse blood hemoglobin

Claire Douat , Pablo Escot Bocanegra , Sébastien Dozias , Robert Eric , Roberto Motterlini et al.
8th International Conference on Plasma Medicine, Aug 2021, Incheon (on line), South Korea
Conference papers hal-03364149v1

X-ray diagnostics of dodecane jet in spray A conditions using the new one shot engine (NOSE)

Chiboub Ibrahim , Ajrouche Hugo , Nilaphai Ob , Dozias Sébastien , Moreau Bruno et al.
ILASS2017 - 28th European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Sep 2017, valencia, Spain. ⟨10.4995/ILASS2017.2017.4705⟩
Conference papers hal-01893697v1

Evaluation of Plasma Component Effects in LTNTP seed treatments

Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Sebatien Dozias , Thomas Maho , Alexandra Briolay , Sylvain Milsant et al.
ICPM6, Sep 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia
Conference poster hal-01948501v1

Cold Atmospheric Plasma for safe and tolerable tissue treatment

Azadeh Valinatajomran , Giovanni Busco , Loïck Ridou , Dozias Sébastien , Claire Douat et al.
IMPCS1, Le Studium Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies • Région Centre-Val de Loire • FR, Nov 2019, Orléans, France
Conference papers hal-03064683v1
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Ionization wave propagation in an atmospheric pressure plasma multi-jet

Amanda Lietz , Xavier Damany , Eric Robert , Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Mark Kushner et al.
Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 2019, 28, pp.125009. ⟨10.1088/1361-6595/ab4ab0⟩
Journal articles hal-02400355v1

Plasma biological applications: Issues and challenges linked to plasma/target interactions

Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Augusto Stancampiano , Robert Eric
ISPB 2019 / IFFM 2019 Institut des Sciences Pharmaceutiques et Biologiques, PBRC Kwangwoon University, Korean Vacuum Society, Korean Battery Society, Jun 2019, Gangneung, South Korea
Conference papers hal-02959357v1
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Plasma Jets In Interaction With Liquids In The Practical Case Of In Vitro Treatments

Augusto Stancampiano , Audoin Hamon , Dozias Sébastien , Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Robert Eric et al.
International Symposium on New Plasma and Electrical Discharge Applications; and on Dielectric Materials ISNPEDADM2019, Univiversity of Poitiers, Oct 2019, Bonifacio, France
Conference papers hal-03090297v1

Les multijets plasma sources de partenariat

Alexandra Briolay , Sylvain Milsant , Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Robert Eric
Rencontres Innovations CNRS, CNRS, Mar 2017, Orléans, France
Conference papers hal-01946002v1

Cell Electropermeabilization Enhancement by Non-Thermal Plasma-Treated Liquid

Thai-Hoa Chung , Augusto Stancampiano , Krystaq Gazeli , Kyriakos Sklias , Franck André et al.
Journées du GDR HAPPYBio, GDR HAPPYBio, Nov 2019, Nouan Le Fuzelier, France
Conference papers hal-02413786v1

Determination of charge density in an atmospheric pressure plasma jet via electric field measurements and simulations

Xavier Damany , Pedro Viegas , Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Sébastien Dozias , Anne Bourdon et al.
ICPM7, ISPM, Jun 2018, Philadelphia, United States
Conference papers hal-01943023v1

Plasma jets above or inside liquids: basic but tricky and promising setups

Robert Eric , Audoin Hamon , Claire Douat , Augusto Stancampiano , Dozias Sébastien et al.
8th ICMAP International Conference on Microelectronics and Plasma Technology, Korea Inst. of Fusion Energy, Korea; Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea, Jan 2021, Hwaseong, South Korea
Conference papers hal-03356683v1

Anticancerous plasma-electro-chemotherapy: first in-vivo studies

Thai-Hoa Chung , Kyriakos Sklias , Augusto Stancampiano , Kristaq Gazeli , Thibault Darny et al.
Therapeutic ROS and Immunity in Cancer—The TRIC-21, ZIK plasmatis; ONKOTHER-H, Jul 2021, Greifswald, Germany. pp.16
Conference papers hal-03364441v1

Un jet plasma comme source de monoxyde de carbone (CO) en vue d'applications biomédicales

Claire Douat , Pablo Escot Bocanegra , Sébastien Dozias , Robert Eric , Roberto Motterlini et al.
GDR HAPPYBIO, Nov 2021, Toulouse, France
Conference papers hal-03528044v1
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Gas flow modification by an atmospheric plasma jet

Xavier Damany , Thibault Darny , Claire Douat , Sebastien Dozias , Jean Michel Pouvesle et al.
International Workshop on Microplasmas, Jun 2017, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Conference papers hal-01610917v1

Plasma generation using Plasma Gun above or inside liquid solutions

Robert Eric , Audoin Hamon , Augusto Stancampiano , Sébastien Dozias , Jean-Michel Pouvesle et al.
iPlasmaNano X 2019, Institute of Physics of Zagreb and GREMI, Sep 2019, Porec, Croatia
Conference papers hal-02961171v1

Jets de plasma froid à la pression atmosphérique : de nouveaux outils pour le traitement de matériaux pour la biologie et la médecine

Jean-Michel Pouvesle , Robert Eric
Journées de la Fédération MATV2L, MATV2L, Feb 2018, Orléans, France
Conference papers hal-01946009v1